Sunday, March 27, 2011

Coming Back Around

So now I come back to restarting this blog after a hiatus. That's a funny word to describe a time away doing something else which needed to be done. Frankly, I had some changes of direction which I won't go into. Things happen. I debated deleting the previous posts but decided to keep them and not pretend this is shiny new. Everyone has history.

Anyway, I do have some new work to share. I have been back to working steadily on my drawing and I feel much better about it.

The first thing I will share here is, ironically, a revisit of one of the previous works having to do with the mountain stream theme. I was working mostly in an 8 x 10 format but decided to push myself to develop a bit. For most people that might mean going bigger. For me I went smaller. I come from a background as a jeweler and have always been concerned with issues of small and precise. I wanted to do small works but try to maintain or push the level of detail. The first one I did deliberately with this in mind is titled "Rocks and Rolling Water" and measures about 5" x 5". When I first started it it was somewhat of an experiment and it was more 4" x 5" but I could't find a matte to fit it so.. I had to find a way of adding on that didn't throw off the composition in a bad way. I ended up resolving this issue by adding and inch to the top, mostly repeating a lot of the foliage but adding some branches and things on the left. I was more pleased with it the second time I finished then the first. I do plan on cutting my own mattes at some point but I am not prepared to do it right now.

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  1. Glad to see you start it back up Robin. Really have been enjoying your graphite work and your insight.