Monday, June 29, 2009

After a busy spell...

I was quite busy the last week or so. I completed a couple of new drawings to hang in the lobby of the Footlights Players theater down in Charleston. They are having an Irish play and wanted art in the lobby with an Irish theme. I did one of Ross castle and then one of some various elements taken from the Irish countryside. I take frequent pictures of my work in progress for several reasons. first, I like to document the progress. It gives me a sort of map of how I arrived at the finished product. I sometimes discuss the work in progress with other artists and this gives me a conveient way of doing that over the internet. Another reason is I can print a copy of the current point and experiment with different options and decide which is the best one to use.
The last drawing that I completed I had over 40 different shots and it occurred to me that I should assemble something like a flipbook showing the progress. I strung them together and constructed a video and redid it several times and here is the result. I hope this works.


  1. Robin - this is such an instructive process - the finished result is very effective. Also enjoyed the background music. Kudos! Keep these lovely drawings coming.

  2. Awesome DUDE. What media is that? How much time does this video represent?